Project Name: 6th Avenue Dual Upgrade (Tanker Loading Bay Expansion)
Value: £6 million
Client – Engenda


Duties:  Praeclarusa Group are providing Quantity Surveying duties on the Upgrade of the Chemical Manufacturing Plant, based in Runcorn. Our responsibilities include

  • AfP to the end client (Vynova) on a monthly basis in line with AfP Calendar. After certification has been issued review delta/ deductions to be addressed on the next AfP
  • Produced an initial Forecast which is updated when required – delays, methodology changes, change in scope, design approvals etc.
  • Management of Subcontractors, a continuous line of open communication, assessment & certification of AfP, attendance of progress meetings, advising the project team on Contract Clauses, Change Management – Issue of instructions & assessment of Quantification.
  • Change Management – Issue notifications & quotations to the end Client, follow up with the end client when awaiting instructions.
  • Open communication lines with the end client, production of monthly report & attend end client meetings.
  • Provide Commercial updates as and when required to client (Engenda) – Commercial Manager & Commercial Director.
  • When issues develop attend contract workshops to support the operations team and plan a way forward.



The above are typical examples of recent significant sums recovered by Praeclarus during Adjudication proceedings.

Praeclarus were responsible for developing and implementing the strategy necessary to enable Adjudication proceedings to be implemented. The Praeclarus team then drafted the adjudication documentation, secured the adjudicator’s appointment, overcame jurisdictional challenges raised by the defendant’s legal team, and managed the overall dispute process. This led to the successful conclusion of obtaining significant wins for our Clients.

We have now secured 30+ successful awards for defending commercial claims, defects, or establishing other points of principle to trigger commercial entitlements.

Tender Reviews

Praeclarus were heavily engaged as commercial lead on the tendering process for GT on Thames Water AMP7 Framework, reviewing terms and conditions, drafting derogations and clarifications, client negotiations and finalisation of the agreed terms. Praeclarus also drafted the risk and assumptions register to meet internal governance requirements.


Following the Contract award, Praeclarus also provided the commercial lead for the first year of the framework until an incumbent commercial resource became available.


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